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14 Feb

“Comparison is the thief of Joy!”- Anonymous

Happy Valentine’s day to all of my friends out there. I got this quote from my wife this morning and it means something to me: “It is a privilege to love and to be loved!” Think about that for a moment and make an effort to put smiles on someone’s face today even as we mark Valentine’s day. Have fun!

Now to today’s business >>>

Your life is worth much more than anything else to leave it to the mercy of comparing it with others. You are wired up differently at creation because your creator never programmed you for a life of mediocrity. Your make-up is unique, distinct and very significant, so you can’t afford to get lost in the crowd.

There is a game that is common in today’s world that if we’re not careful, we might fall victim of it. That game is called the game of comparison. It is prevalent in families, churches, organizations and so many other places. The trap is to short-change our dreams, goals, plans for someone else’s. Don’t do it- it is very costly.

There is a line in that ageless book that defines those that engage in this game of comparison. It says “they that compare themselves with others are not wise…” Comparison game is a game of fools. The wise know enough not to engage in it. The best you can be when you engage in it is second best. And fulfillment will be a mirage to you.

How can we avoid falling into this trap of comparison game?

1. Define who you are- Identify your purpose, your passion, your unique gifts (talents), your values and follow a straight course.

2. Be focused- I define focus as “fixing your gaze at a focal point without looking elsewhere”. In Optics (a branch of Physics), a focal point is the place where all the light rays meet before the image of the object is captured on the mirror. When there’s no focal point, the image is blurred, it is not sharp. This is what happens when you engage in the game of comparison, you lose focus and therefore your vision becomes blurred. A blurred vision is not likely to see the light of the day.

3. Celebrate your uniqueness- There’s nobody on the surface of the earth that’s exactly the same as you. So, celebrate your uniqueness. You are the original. There’s no other you. Another you is a counterfeit. Don’t die a carbon copy. Carry yourself with dignity. You’re not just here to occupy space. You’re here on earth on an assignment. There’s something uniquely unique about you. Don’t go where you’re tolerated, go where you are celebrated.

4. Acknowledge other people’s differences- Variety is the spice of life. If everyone on the surface of the earth looks exactly like you, the world will be a boring place to live in. What makes life very exciting is the fact that we have different people with different temperaments, likes, personalities and this is what makes it fun. If a couple in a house are exactly the same, that house will be like a grave yard. Most of the times, opposite attracts so as to make room for fun. Problems ensued when one party tries to make the other person to be like him or her.

So, when you begin to tend towards comparing yourself to that person, just acknowledge the fact that you’re different. Celebrate other people’s progress. Their progress is not the reason you’re not making progress. Don’t wish the other person evil and never look out for their downfall. The top is open and free enough for everyone to get there. Discover your own place and get going.

Friends, if you have been trapped in the past, my advice is that you should stop playing the game of comparison. You’re not competing with anybody but yourself. Break your own records.

There’s no stopping you!