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24 Oct

Welcome to another exciting time on this blog. In this edition, we’re looking at the theme ‘Processing Leadership’.

There is a saying in the South-West of Nigeria which I’ll like to quote in Pidgin English, “Soup wey sweet, na money kill am!” Soup in this context can be likened to Leadership. The soup did not just get cooked all by itself. There were some processes it underwent before arriving at the end-product (sweet and delicious soup).

According to Wikipedia, “A production line is a set of sequential operations established in a factory whereby materials are put through a refining PROCESS to produce an end-product that is suitable for onward consumption; or components are assembled to make a finished article.” Every great product that’s manufactured from the factory had passed through a series of processes. There are series of processes involved in the production of a product via the production line.

In this edition of ‘The Now Leadership’, we’ll be looking at 6 processes in a sequential order that we must pass through in the production line of leadership.

The processes are:

* Leadership begins and continues by being a reader. Reading stage is information-gathering stage. Dr David Oyedepo said and I quote “A reader today, a leader tomorrow” . If you’re not informed as a leader, you can’t lead any course, not even yourself. If you’re not informed, you’ll be deformed. Africa has lots of deformed leaders, that’s why most of our systems and structures are deformed as a continent.

* Thinking refers to the engagement of your mental faculty in productive thought over a matter with a view to producing quality results or solutions to issues on ground. It was said of the world’s best Neuro Surgeon (Ben Carson), when he was still a kid, that fateful day, his mom had looked for him everywhere calling his name. Finally, she opened the door to the bathroom and found him there thinking. She told him she’s been looking for him all over the place. His response was “Mom, I’m thinking, don’t you think?” Leaders think, they don’t worry!

* There’s this saying from where I come from “The person that asks for the way doesn’t get lost!” You need a mentor in your leadership pursuit. If you’re reading and thinking, then questions will arise in your quest for light. At this point, you need to consult a coach (someone that had gone in the direction you want to go and has results, not just theories). Isaac Newton said “If I’m seeing farther ahead, it’s because I’m standing on the shoulders of those that have gone ahead of me”

* There are times you don’t need to talk as a leader. All you need to do is just to be still and observe things. The law of gravity was discovered during the period of observation. Isaac Newton sat under the apple tree on his way home from school when an apple fruit fell down…the rest is history, but the law of gravity came into existence at that instance. Don’t just seek to be heard, seek to observe also.

* Don’t be a dead sea, be a channel and flow out to others. Influence people around you by pouring out of yourself to them. That’s leadership. Don’t be a closed tank. Teaching others is part of processing your leadership potential. The greatest leader who ever lived (Jesus) was always out to teach people. Don’t mock at people’s ignorance, go out of your way to show them the way. When you teach leadership, you’re mastering the art of how to become a better leader. Every opportunity you have to impact people is a reharsal for the next one.

* Finally, refining talks about going through all the first 5 processes over and over again. There’s no finish line in leadership. You keep working on yourself at getting better. You’re not competing with anybody, but you. You must keep at breaking your own records. Don’t maintain a status quo.

Reach for the stars, because you’re truly a star!

You will succeed!

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