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26 Sep

I sincerely apologize to the readers and followers of this blog for being away for three months. It’s necessary to put resources together in order to extend our reach and build an edge that is global in coast and sustainable in implementation.

Having said that, this brings us to what we’ll be looking at on this edition of ‘The Now Leadership’ which is THE LEADERSHIP EDGE.

I believe you are aware that when we talk about a leader, it is you we’re referring to and not the next person. So, when you hear the word ‘leader’, don’t look anywhere else but at yourself. I love that phrase ‘The man in the mirror’. So, it’s the man in mirror I’m referring to as a leader, and that man is YOU. You are a leader!

Leadership Edge is developed. It is not something you wish for. If wishes were horses, beggars will ride. It is something you crave for and determine in yourself to develop. E. W. Kenyon said “Make your brain sweat. It will grow and develop, until it makes you the envy of your world”. Success in life is not something you wished for, it is a choice you make and work at and make a continuous progress on.

To develop your leadership edge, you need to ask yourself the following five (5) questions:

# Who am I? – The question of Identity
# What is peculiar about me? – The question of Uniqueness
# What is my mission on the earth? – The question of Purpose
# What problems are my here to solve? – The question of Assignment
# What gives me great joy in life? – The question of Fulfillment

Until we’re able to answer these 5 questions, fulfilling our leadership calling will be a mirage and we will not have the will power to develop our leadership edge.

Let’s examine each of these questions one after the other:

# Who am I? Friends, you must never allow your environment and the circumstance of life to define who you are. Your sense of identity should not be outward-determined, it has to be inward-determined. Look inward and discover who you really are, beyond your situations or circumstances. Your environment will like to limit you by giving you a definition of who you are not. You must be determined not to put a limit on yourself. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Tell yourself ‘I am more than this’. You have to paint a picture of who you really are beyond the material world. Catch a glimpse of who you are from the core of your being. That’s where greatness begins from.

# What is peculiar about me? There’s something uniquely unique about you friend. An identical twin that look exactly the same physically have something that differentiates them from each other. That thing is what defines their uniqueness and peculiarity. For instance, it has been proven scientifically that no two individuals (not even an identical twin) has the same pattern of finger print. That’s to show you how unique you are. Do you know that you can do that assignment or task you were given differently in such a way that nobody can do it exactly the same way you’ll do it? Your excellence in life stems from you having the consciousness that you are peculiar. I tell myself every time I look in the mirror that “I am the original. There’s no other me. Another me is a counterfeit. There’s something uniquely unique about me.” When you’re conscious of this fact, you will not accept defeat as your identity. You will never give in to comparison and much more you will not accept failure as your trademark. Reach out for the stars!

# What is my mission on earth? Friends, you are not here by accident. You are here for a purpose. You need to see life in that light to be able to make any meaningful impact and accomplishments. Life is more than what we think it is most of the times. Life in the real sense of the word is beyond your academics, your career (8-5 job), your family, making and stocking up money for selfish reasons…It’s beyond just living for self, it goes beyond just thinking about me, myself, I and my family. You must have a dream on the inside that’s beyond you, yourself or your family, a dream that will compel you to positive actions each time you wake up in the morning. That is purposeful living. A life of purpose is a life that is lived based on intrinsic values that can pass the test of time. A life of purpose is a life lived to be a blessing, a life that is lived to make life meaningful for others, a life that is lived as a sacrifice, a life that is lived to make this world a better place to live in. Friends, I want to encourage you to create inside of you a dream that is beyond you. Create a dream that is global in coast, dream big. Consciously create a dream that will put other people into consideration. Give your life a meaning by finding an answer to the question of purpose in your heart (Why am I here?). I want you to know that you’re not just here to fill up a space or be counted as one of the numbers. Without you here friend, life will be a vacuum. There is a void you’re created to fill. Discover it, pursue it and get busy with it.

# What problems am I here to solve? Problems are blessings in disguise. That’s the way successful people view problems. If you want to be included in the list of high-fliers, you need to train your mind to see problem as a necessary path to progress in life. Mike Murdock said and I quote “The problem you are here to solve is a pointer to your assignment in life and consequently your purpose for living.” The amount of problems you are able to solve in your life time is what determines the scope of your leadership. You’re not supposed to run away from problems, rather you’re meant to desire, ‘romance’ and ‘caress’ it. In that problem lies your progress in life. I like to call it ‘Adversity for Advancement’. Until you develop the capacity to solve problems, you are not considered as a successful and fulfilled individual. One of the attributes of high-fliers is the ability to solve problems. So, it’s no mistake that most Fortune 500 companies look for that ability in their prospective employees and those employees eventually grow up to become leaders in the organization. Develop your ability to solve problems. Don’t run away from challenges. Challenges are normal to life. You’re putting a lid on your leadership when you run away from every problem life tossed at you. Face the problem and phase it out. You are a champion. Friends, discover the problems you’re here on the earth to solve and get busy. That problem is a pointer to your assignment on the earth. Only you have been assigned to solve that problem, not another. And it remains a problem as long as you’re dodging it. One of the things that will make you discover the problem you’re assigned to solve is the fact that you’re not comfortable with the issue every time you see the picture or you think about it. Most times, you complain about it or you become angry because of the situation. Don’t just complain, get to work and very soon the problem will disappear and it is the same thing you’re angry about that will now be a source of joy and fulfillment to you.

# What gives me great joy in life? Life is not meant to be endured but enjoyed. Never condescend so low in life to the point where the only thing that makes you happy in life is money, fame, prestige, power or position. Those are not the real things. What drives you? Where does your fulfillment lies? Only few people are living a fulfilled life. And the reason is because those few people have decided to make their lives count on things that can endure and stand the test of times- Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Love, Sacrifice, Kindness, Humility, the list goes on. These are the things that matter in life. When you focus only on the material things in life, you will never be fulfilled in life. Fulfillment will be a mirage to you. You must see beyond materials to the invisible things of life and build your life around those things. There is no feeling that can be compared to a life of fulfillment. What is that thing that will give you a greatest level of fulfillment in life? That will determine your level of influence in life and consequently your leadership edge.

You will succeed!

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