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You can lead anywhere you are now!

28 Jun

One of the foremost world leadership experts,John C. Maxwell said ‘Leadership is influence,no more,no less!’
I believe one of the injustice of this millenium is giving wrong meaning to the word leadership. Leadership is not just about position. Positional leadership is just a form of leadership,one of the avenues by which leadership can be implemented.
Leadership is influence and because it is influence,everybody is a leader. This is because everyone has one form of influence or the other; at home,in school,at the office,in the church etc. You that you are reading this blog has one form of influence or the other,no matter how small.
The challenge before us all is the ability to harness our energy to impact people anywhere we are found. You can make a difference.You can pioneer a change that will make this life a better place to be. There is a leadership seed in everyone of us. The onus now lies on us to develop that seed so as to blossom and be a blessing to our world. I will like to give these few tips about leadership:
* Leadership is not a gift; it is a choice!
* Leadership cannot be impacted; it is to be consciously cultivated and developed!
* You cannot lead with your head,you lead with your heart!
* Readers are leaders; the more you read, the better you will be able to develop your leadership skills.
* If you’re leading and no one is following,you are only taking a stroll!
* People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!
Remember,don’t wait until you occupy a position before you discover and develop your leadership skills.You are a leader. There is a leadership seed in you!
Have a pleasant weekend!


New Perspective to Leadership

3 Jun

Leadership is Everything!

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Whether in a nation,family,organization or school, what determines its success or failure is the quality of its leadership.

The Now leadership is an online blog that seeks to educate and teach its readers what leadership in the 21st century is all about.

Leadership is not about being seen at the fore front at all times when a task is to be done,it’s about empowering your people to be able to develop and utilize their potentials to get the job done.

Leadership is not about bossing your team members around; it is all about influencing your team in a way that they¬† are motivated to get the job done even when you’re not around.

Leadership is not about being tensed when a member of your team is making progress and seems to be making positive impacts in his/her field; it is about you being secured as a person and much more as a leader, and to be able to cheer the person and encourage him to do more and achieve more.

Leadership is not about you taking the credit when the team achieved success on a particular task; it is about being generous to share the credit among the team and letting them know that personally you wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without having them around you.

Leadership is not about you putting the blame on your team when the chips are down;it is about you accepting the blame and taking responsibility for the result

Leadership is Responsibility….responding to my ability, not when I want to, but when I ought to!

What is leadership to you?

Share you views…

Yours in Leadership,

Olumide Olaoye

Hello world!

1 Jun

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